Flea Market April 13th, 2014

Here’s some of what was happening at Rhoda’s on April 13, at Exhibition Park in Saint John. Come on by this Sunday, April 27th to check out some more great deals.

1506880_10152315392600325_2433129187943149641_n1455011_10152315841290325_3877696382820284604_n 1514611_10152318387910325_4316221520532605471_n 1526766_10152315392185325_3363461744984763553_n 1926940_10152325410250325_7613463197414470517_n 1932424_10152315381130325_6663061723195598172_n 10006183_10152315841005325_5248799500680174072_n 10014703_10152315841515325_4447493428821525748_n 10015058_10152316704125325_5268546758574356356_n 10153069_10152315380705325_1242357120118543087_n 10153229_10152315391760325_2275536041760352504_n 10153967_10152315840840325_8309864727951956990_n 10247495_10152315391430325_7664420997909159614_n 10251915_10152315381380325_4802530957934336805_n


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