Welcome to Rhoda’s!
green flea

Locally owned since 1975 by Joe and Rhoda Boyce and family.  A place where people can shop, sell, barter, socialize and have fun.

Rhoda’s Flea Market: Market hours are 9am to 2 pm Sundays at Exhibition Park, 159 McAllister Drive, Saint john NB.
Rent a table for $ 14 tax included.
Admission $1, under 12 free


Upcoming Events

Click on event link for more info and photos!

Rhoda’s Summer Celebration Rib Fest @ Exhibition Park Saint John (June 15-18 2017)

Canada Day Celebration @ King Square (Saturday July 1st 2017)

Pioneer Christmas Craft Sale @ Brunswick Square (Nov 2-4 2017)

Rhoda’s Christmas Celebration @ Harbour Station (Nov 17-19 2017)

Rhoda’s New Brunswick Day Market @ Exhibition Park Saint John (Monday Aug 7th 2017)

Rhoda’s Flea Market is open every Sunday at Saint John’s Exhibition Park – 9am-2pm.

Rent a table for $14 tax included.  Admission $1. Call 658-1232 for more information.

Antiques, crafts, treasures, new stuff and more; you’ll be glad you walked through our door!

So come on by – It’s a Saint John tradition.

Joe and Rhoda Boyce

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14 thoughts on “”

  1. Hello
    I paid for the pioneer Christmas Craft sale back at Ribfest.
    Was wondering if you have the layout ready and when we set up?
    Thank you

  2. Hi there,
    I’m originally from Saint John, as a kid I remember fond memories of going to the flea market at McAllister Place on Sunday’s.
    I now live in a small town in British Columbia, a favourite activity for the locals is to go garage “sailing”. But there isn’t anything like that in the winter. A local flea market might be just what this town needs.
    I’m thinking about putting one together for March, and as I’ve never done anything like this before having some advice from such successful people would be a great step towards keeping such a venture going for the next season.
    If I could correspond with you or speak on the phone I would certainly appreciate it.
    Cory Breau

  3. Hello,
    I am interested to rent a bench and sell some bread, cookies .
    How can I apply?
    How long will it take to start?
    And my last question is, can I sell or people just are intersted in crafts?:)

    Thank you very much

  4. Can you tell me if Jeanette is still a vender at your market?Forgot her last name.We were neighbors at the Sussex flea market for years. Thanks

  5. Just typed in the name for fun and your site came up. I am 69. Between my ages of 8 and 18 we had an antique shop in Butler Co. Kentucky. It was called Rhoda’s Antiques after me.

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